Riggersgroup-transporte de maquinaria pesada

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Riggersgroup-transporte de maquinaria pesada

Reubicacion, instalacion, transportacion especializada, carga, descarga de maquinaria pesada. Ya bsea dentro o fuera de USA, Canada, Mexico.

Treviño 983 pte - APODACA - NUEVO LEON

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Riggersgroup-transporte de maquinaria pesada

RIGGERS GROUP, S.A. Whose expertise lies in the relocation of industrial plants and transportation of specialized and heavy equipment and machinery into and out of Canada, USA, Europ and Mexico.

We are affiliated to the Specialized Carriers and Rigging Association (SC&RA) and over our 10 years of operation we have built a reputation as a mover and transportation provider of excellence dedicated to the safe and timely transport of our clients' loads, thereby meeting our goal of developing and maintaining a portfolio of satisfied customers.

My main objective behind this message is to bring our services to your attention so as to offer you an alternate solution to your clients' rigging and transportation needs. We offer unloading and loading services, press and equipment installations.

Through the years we have moved plants from Canada, the US into and out of México.

I welcome any questions you might have and hope to to hear from you in the near future.

Best regards

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