Casa de Huespedes Malitsin

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Casa de Huespedes Malitsin

Acommodations for foreign students in Guanajuato, Gto Best way to learn to practice your Spanish with a welcoming Mexican family in a beautiful city.

Calle de la Sepultura No 1 Esquina calle Piletas Colonia Masaguas Zona Centro - GUANAJUATO - GUANAJUATO

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Casa de Huespedes Malitsin

Why Casa Malitsin is the best place to stay in Guanajuato?

1-We have over 6 years experience hosting foreign students
2-The house is beautiful, comfortable and always clean (cleaning service provided)
3-Authentic Mexican and international meals. We also cater to vegetarians
4-Secure, responsible and dependable. We have hosted under aged students
5-The family members are educated people
6-Wireless internet throughout the house and green areas
7-Guanajuato offers some of the best Spanish language schools. Ask us for references
8-And the best of all is that you would live with a wonderful and caring family
9-No pets
10-Eigth minutes from the house to the historical center

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